calling all beauty addicts

Welcome to the Benefit blog! Us gals here at Benefit thought it was time to start a blog. We know first hand that Benefit is more than just a makeup brand, it’s a way of life…and no one knows that more than my sister, Annie, and I.

Our mom, Jean, and our aunt, Jane, started Benefit over 30 years ago.  A year later, I was born and 6 years after that came Annie.  I live in New York City and Annie’s in San Francisco. Thanks to email, our blackberries and cell phones, we keep in constant communication.  (We’re actually on skype right now writing this blog post together.  I heart technology.)

annie & me in europe last month

annie & me in europe last month

If you look on our business cards we are “Makeup Trend Artists & Brand Authorities” (ohh la la). But when it comes down to it, we are involved in almost every department in the company.  Annie &  I are constantly traveling to new and exciting Benefit locations making up fresh faces all over the globe.  We do press tours, where we introduce new products to beauty editors, as well as special events at stores around the US.  When we aren’t traveling, we work with Jean & Jane on special top-secret new products.

future beauty junkies in the making

future beauty junkies in the making

But enough about us! This blog is a behind-the-scenes look at Benefit as a whole.  You’ll get an up close & personal peek at the products and the zany office from which they are born.  We’ve got a group of six hilarious, beauty junkie, Benefit employee bloggers who will take you on the wild ride that is Benefit and show you how Benefit shapes our lives outside of work (and no, it’s not just the product packaging and names that are nuts….).

Some of us live in New York (GlamazonNYC, media darling) and some of us live in San Francisco (miss makeup, BUZZarella, geekalicious, resident BADgal). But all of us are obsessed with Benefit and sharing our adventures, dramas, successes, tears and fabulous tips and tricks with all of you!  Get to know all the blogger babes here.

This is a diary, so if we do share some deep, dark, dirty secrets……TELL EVERYONE!

Welcome to the Secret Life of a Benefit Gal!

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  3. Hannah comentou em 17 de agosto de 2011 às 22:42. Juu (já assisti tantos vídeos seus que me sinto íntima hahaha) linda a maquiagem de hoje, viu. Vou tentar fazer o lance do cabelo, já que o meu é repicadinho, deve ficar legal (;

  4. Alright alright alright that’s exactly what I needed!

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  7. Thekgo says:

    Annie and Jamie’s shoots went great both were a lot of fun to shoot and the modadels were easy to work with. There were many outadfit cagehns for some very coola0looks.

  8. Mikol says:

    Would love to hook your team up with Free Facials/Massages in San Francisco and New York!

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