true hollywood story: the ford twins

Here at the Secret Life of a Benefit Gal, we love a juicy back story… and who has a juicier back story than the original Benefit gals, Jean & Jane Ford?!

Did you know that before founding Benefit Cosmetics, these twin sistersĀ from Indiana had a successful modeling career in the 1970s? Or that our cult classic benetint was originally created for something other than cheeks and lips? (Hint: it involves an exotic dancer!)

Get the ultimate behind-the-brand dish in this exclusive feature on, the online home of Vogue magazine and one of our favorite websites.

seeing double

seeing double: the fabulous ford twins

It being 1970, the Fords packed up their car and headed to San Francisco. Capitalizing on their good looks, sparkling personalities, and the fact that they offered a double dose of both…

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