pool-proof your vacay makeup

The pool may be a place to frolic, relax and soak up the sun, but it’s not the most beauty-friendly destination. After all, there’s a fine line between sitting dry on the sidelines in prom-worthy makeup and swimming laps wearing a face full of zinc oxide.

On a recent trip with a not-quite-boyfriend (read: I’m not ready to face him without having my “face” on), I found a couple products that kept me looking camera-ready, even while doing cannonballs off the high dive: BADgal liner waterproof & benetint lip balm SPF 15.

sliding into paradise

sliding into paradise

The smoky liner stayed on from sunrise to sunset, but the surprise hero of the day was the lip balm! It’s not technically waterproof, but the formula barely budged during hours of swimming and splashing, AND the SPF kept my sensitive lips from frying in the sun.

Best of all, my lips were prepped and ready for action all day, if you know what I mean… yep, that’s right, I’m talking about the luau buffet.

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  1. KissMyLipstick says:

    My hubby LOVES the Benetint LipBalm. He says it gives me “cherry popsicle” lips! Yummy!

  2. wonduhbread says:

    pretty good tips, i love y’alls products! quick question though- how do I get a posietint stain out of my Coach purse :( :( i must not have screwed the lid on tight enough and it dribbled!

    • BUZZarella says:

      hey wonduhbread, it happens to the best of us! when i have a handbag makeup mishap, i go straight to a professional – they have all kinds of tricks for cleaning stains out of quality leathers and fabrics that won’t risk damaging your gorgeous bag… perhaps your local shoe repair place?

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