benetint je t’aime…

benetint in paris

benetint in paris

You know how when you open the pages of a celeb magazine and you see all the movie starts looking hot and beautiful in the airports?  Well I’m the opposite of that.  My flight uniform consists of zero make up (except brow zings…I literally do not walk out of my apartment without it), sweats OR leggings, both are equally as comfortable and will allow for maximum expansion of my ankles, a t-shirt and a scarf because it is always ungodly cold on planes.   Looks, zero..comfort, ten.

Recently I took a flight to Paris for work and felt that I had to step up my game with the whole “plane look”.  It is Paris afterall and I can’t be looking like a fugly american tourist going through customs.  So in my carry on I brought one new addition to my in-flight repertoire…..Benetint.  I threw some of it on my lips and cheeks right as we were landing and for once I didn’t look like a bloated, pale mess when I got off the plane!

With all the new awesome products that we have come out with recently I’d kind of forgotten about my old trusty Benetint but it’s back in heavy rotation now in my purse for the summer.  I might still be wearing sweats and a dirty t-shirt but my cheeks and lips will be on point!