the never-ending search for mr. right

Finding an apartment in the city is almost as stressful as finding a boyfriend (or the perfect shade of lipstick). In nyc the options are limitless; so much to consider in so little time. At least that’s what we tell ourselves! From neighborhoods, to space (size does matter!), to lighting (sunny disposition is required), to ultimately feeling safe when you walk through the door… when shopping for the right fit all of these things really do matter.

my current nyc closet...HELP!

my current nyc closet...HELP!

It’s also that much more trying when your work space and your living space are one and the same. With my double life in my single home, I just won’t settle. However, everything in life is a compromise, to find your castle or your prince, you may have to give up one thing to gain another. My lesson has been through trial & error. I’ve lived in many different neighborhoods and apartments and learned along the way to be open to trying new things. With an open mind and an open heart, the right space and mr. right may be just around the corner.

Current status:
• lipstick shade, lady’s choice…check
• boyfriend, max…check
• apartment…still searching :)