my first school dance (yikes)

In the sixth grade I was not the most popular girl in school, but I was determined to change that.  We had to wear school uniforms so I was extra excited for the school dance. It was the perfect opportunity to show my “true style”.  

My mom offered to help me out and pick me up an “awesome” outfit.  I told her, “I wanna look hip; I want all the other kids to be jealous!”  I remember running home to try on my new outfit… I couldn’t wait.  I ripped through the bag tearing tissue and throwing receipts. Finally I reached the good stuff.  I pulled out a dark iridescent short sleeved button up shirt, and drawstring crushed velvet baggy pants (OMG).  Of course now, just the thought makes me cringe. But what did I know back then? I was thrilled!!  

I threw on the pants and buttoned up the top, brushed my awkward length hair back into a  low ponytail, and looked in the mirror…smokin’!!  My mom rushed in to see the final look. “All you need is a little red lipstick,” she said. I was so excited – I never got to wear makeup!  I threw on the dark red lipstick and I was ready to be the belle of the ball!   

I may not have won best dressed that night, nor did I get many slow dances, but I learned my very first beauty trick that day: An outfit is never complete until you put on a little lipstick.