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Cosmopolitan UK names Benefit co-founders Jean & Jane Ford as 2 out of the 46 MOST AMAZING WOMEN IN THE WORLD!

Jean and Jane Ford in Cosmo UK

Benefit co-founders Jean & Jane Ford have landed the coveted Cosmopolitan UK title of “Amazing, Successful, Kick-Ass Women!” Cosmopolitan UK magazine celebrates “extraordinary women who’ve all influenced the way we think today,” and heralds Jean & Jane as the “brains behind Benefit Cosmetics.” These “gutsy, inspiring women” changed the world of beauty after “realizing makeup could be fun.” We couldn’t agree more!

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  1. Akktri says:

    I noticed you ranked below that lady from Doctor Who. Maybe if you could travel through time and space and sell makeup, you could surpass her and get a higher rating?
    You’re not getting any comments besides this? Maybe you should make it visible on your website.

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