sportsbar chic

We’ve all seen those crazed sports fans (typically male) who paint their entire faces to reflect their favorite team’s colors… this less-than-chic look is often accessorized by a chili dog and loud bellowing.

lakers' fever

lakers fever

In a more subtle version of this time-honored tradition, I rocked a “sportsbar chic” makeup look to cheer for my beloved LA Lakers during the NBA finals.  For purple-and-gold glam, I used lust dusters in punk royalty and goldilocks, and BADgal plum mascara as the finishing touch…

solid gold

bling bling

This surprisingly wearable look was so fun that I’m now making a mid-years resolution to try festive themed makeup looks from time to time.  Perhaps “disco babe” for a night on the town, or “vintage starlet” for a hot date.  I mean, red lips and green eyeshadow for a “holiday hottie” look might be going a bit too far, but hey, you never know…