the class clown…

When I was 12 years old, I was banned from the art-supply closet at school. Not because I was disruptive in the class or labeled “class clown”. My issue lay solely in supply and demand (the art “supply” closet and my “demand” for it.) I couldn’t help myself from applying everything and anything that produced color on paper onto my face.

Maybe I was the “class clown” and I just didn’t know it. If it could darken my lashes or add a tint of color to my lips, I was using it. From craypas on the lids, to permanent marker on the lashes, I was running the underground cosmetic black-market at my middle school. Once I started putting Joleen mustache bleach on my mousy blonde hair, I knew I had entered into something BIG!

It’s not surprising that my passion for art supplies translated in my later years to a passion for makeup. I know I’m not the only-one out there that is cosmetic-crazed. To those who also live my life-sentence to an eternity behind powders, creams, lipsticks and blushes, give a girl a shout and let me know when you got hooked?