hungry for make up

My boyfriend bought a book called The Book of Useless Information.  I was thumbing through it last night and came across the following stat:

“The average woman consumes six pounds of lipstick in her lifetime.”

That got me thinking, not really about how it’s kind of gross to eat that much lipstick, but how I rarely wear lipstick. In fact, I only wear lipgloss and you better believe I’ll eat WAY more than six pounds of lip gloss in my lifetime, seeing how often I apply it.  Plus, if I’m going to eat over six pounds of lipgloss in my lifetime….I better make it worth it.  Here are some of my current fave lip gloss combos (because you can’t just wear one at a time):

Nivea lip balm + Who Are You Wearing = sheer pink neutral lip, hint of shine.

Posie Tint + California Kissin’ =  shimmery bubble gum pink…that lasts!

Lady’s Choice (lipstick) + Zone Out = nude gold shimmer.

Benetint Lip Balm = sheer rose shine. Perfect any day, any time, any occasion.

my favorite snacks!

my favorite snacks!

strap on the feed bag!