muni makeover

Despite my best efforts, I never seem to get anywhere on time.  A glamorous late entrance is fun at a party, but not so much for work in the mornings.  To cut down my prep time, I’ve become one of “those” people who apply makeup while riding public transportation.

pimp my ride

primp my ride

Despite the inconvenience of putting on eyeliner in a bouncing, crowded bus… I never really realized how socially awkward it could be until this morning.  Upon sitting down beside a handsome stranger, I felt silly pulling out my concealer while he read the newspaper inches away, so instead put on my large shades to disguise my dark circles.  (Yep, then I became one of “those” people wearing sunglasses on a foggy SF morning while inside a dimly-lit bus.)

If you’ve gotta do it, take it from me… apply mascara only at red lights, and some kind-a gorgeous is portable perfection.  A light dusting of dandelion all over is a goof-proof way to look awake, but don’t blame me when the stranger beside you (handsome or not!) doesn’t enjoy the light dusting as much as you do!