no place like home

sooooo beautiful

sooooo beautiful

I am a California girl through and through.  I grew up in Marin (just North of the Golden Gate), went to college down at UCLA, then immediately moved back to San Francisco.  Having always been in California, I have become used to having Benefit Brow Bars readily available.  Call me spoiled or high maintenance, but I get my brows done every two weeks.  I am obsessed with brows and am very loyal to my girls at the Benefit Boutique on Chestnut Street. Then it all changed!  I decided to take the leap of faith and move in with my boyfriend, I was really excited except for the fact that this meant I would be moving to Bloomington, Indiana where he is in business school.  I thought to myself, it would be great, everyone should live in a new place.

beautiful Then it dawned on me, MY BROWS!!!!!!  I have now been living in Indiana for about two months and finally came home for the first time to visit the fam.  When most people come home, they get nostalgic about the golden gate bridge, the rolling hills, and the gorgeous ocean.  For me, the sight of those cream and pink stripes of the Chestnut Boutique is what brought tears to my eyes.   I got my usual brow wax and tint, looked in the mirror and realized that there is no place like home!