swag suitcase?!?

Tons of Products

Tons of Products

I loooooove beauty products – what girl doesn’t?  Luckily for me and my sister Maggie, we never have to buy another beauty product again.

Let me explain: About two weeks ago, Maggie and I were in NYC preparing for a Sephora event.  We got a call from our head of PR telling us that we were going to be attending the annual Allure Best of Beauty event.  For those of you that don’t know, this event happens every year and recognizes the year’s best beauty products! To say the least, it is a huge honor to be invited.  Maggie and I got all dressed up to attend the party; It was so glamorous with a view to die for and beautiful people everywhere (not a bad place to be).  As the night comes to an end, Maggie and I decide to grab a cab home, but we see that everyone is walking to another room to get their swag bag…

Of course Maggie and I follow them (I have never gotten a swag bag so I was thrilled) and that is where it bob_suitcasehappened. A  man hands me a SUITCASE literally filled to the brim with beauty products… let me gush on.  The suitcase weighed exactly 50 pounds (yes, I weighed it).  It was my dream come true!  It literally had ten of every kind of beauty product that you could dream of… did you know that there is cream specifically for elbows?   Now I have it!!!  I don’t even know what to do with it all, but my plan for the next month is to use every single product at least once.  I’ll let you know how that goes!

Thank you Allure for making Christmas come early!!!!