beauty bloopers

You know what they say… we all make mistakes.  But beauty blunders caught on camera can linger for years to come.  I mean, who doesn’t love checking out old yearbook pics with sky-high feathered hair and epic pastel eye makeup?!

In my opinion, the yearbooks of today are those social networking sites (yep, you know the ones), capturing our every misstep, beauty and otherwise… Exhibit A: the pic below.

goth glam

goth girl far right

My handbag always contains about 15 assorted makeup items for a night out. Before the cab ride photo op above, I touched up my lip color. Feeling around in the dark, I grabbed my go-to gilded gold pencil and scribbled it on my lips for some light nude shine. Little did I know, I had grabbed BADgal pencil instead, a liner with the exact same size and shape as gilded, but… BLACK. I must have been subconsciously channeling the hot vampy lip runway trend…

Whether it’s lipstick on the teeth or dangling false lashes, what’s your biggest caught-on-camera beauty blooper?