12 going on 30

Since I was little girl, I was always trying to act, dress and look older than my age. Now approaching the BIG 30, I wonder why I ever tried to rush those years. Back then, even as a tween, I was rummaging through my mother’s makeup drawers, wearing heels and I won’t even approach the topic of my hair. Let’s just say I never wore a hairstyle, but rather my hairstyle wore me. If it glittered, sparkled or shined bright it was somewhere on my face or in my coiff.

me back in the day

me back in the day

With two months to go before my 30th birthday, I sometimes chuckle at how minimalistic my look has become. Don’t get me wrong. I still have some shimmer and shine (I’ll dab a little high beam on my cheeks and gloss up my lips with life on the A list when I’m feeling a little saucy) but nothing compared to this photo of me back in the day. PS: YES, that is a choker around my neck, and NO, that is not a wig:)

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