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  1. Kate says:

    I know this is an older post about a previous appearance on HSN, but I’m watching the one that’s on now, and you girls look great! I love hearing you talk about the products, and I’m inspired to pick up some new things…good for my face, not so good for my wallet :) Keep up the great work! (p.s. I just discovered this site today from a link on Temptalia, and I can’t wait to stay updated on new goodies and the general shenanigans that make your office look like so much fun!)

  2. atk415 says:

    what happened to the other benefit chick from your office in SF? she was awesome on HSN…and a woman, not a girl. i like her a lot more. def. could relate and she was so no-nonsense, knew her stuff inside and out and there was no pretense. where did she go?!

    oh and WHT did you discontinue Corsage? that was basic and i used to buy many at a time, gave them to friends. no your gloss is too sticky, doesn’t moisturize, doesn’t even have a color similar to the all-purpose, every day Corsage? not too smart, Benefit…i spend sooo much less $$ with Benefit these days…

  3. Bene Beau says:

    You were fabulous!!! Just fabulous!!! I had people calling me about the show, as if I were on it hahaha!

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