benefit halloween

Here at Benefit, Halloween is no ordinary holiday. We go ALL OUT and dress in our Bene-finest to compete in the annual costume contest and trick-or-treat around the corporate office.  Many of us choose to interpret our favorite Benefit products as elaborate costumes…check out some of last year’s finest below!


Here’s a hint: me and fellow blogger Resident BADgal rocked it out as 10 (hence, the two-tone face) and BADgal pencil (obvi) respectively. See any other familiar products? Then, of course, it’s always fun to hit the streets and spread the Halloween cheer…we live in San Francisco, after all!

strutting it up on the crosswalk

Extra points are awarded for creativity! Here’s our favorite recreation of the Benefit catalog…

which is the real deal?

which is the real deal?

Wishing you a safe and spooky Halloween from all the Benefit ghouls & guys!