metal mouth: part deux

It’s true what you’ve heard…I’m getting adult braces.
I had them when I was in middle school like so many other people. Back then, they were cool, kind of like how breaking your arm and getting a hot pink cast was cool. Both gave you the ability to make a decision about what you wanted to look like in a time that you really had no choice. 

Awkward growth phase where your pants are too short and you’re taller then all the boys? Doesn’t matter becasue YOU get to decide between pink or purple rubberbands for your braces. YOUR braces, YOUR choice!  Bad skin and a bad bowl haircut? With that neon green cast, no one will notice. 

love to hate you

1993 or 2009?

Doesn’t really work that way the 2nd time around. I’m going with the “clear” version, which if you ask me, is a total scam because they are not clear. Clear would imply invisible in my book and these look more like tooth tumors. 

I will not be getting Benefit pink rubber bands so don’t even ask, but I will be accepting tips on how to play up my eyes (brown just for reference) in order to distract from the tooth tumors. I’ll only have them for 6 months so get cracking on those tips girls. I’ll do the look and post them to the blog but remember only use Benefit products! Think of this as my quest for the green cast…