I’ll raise you a benebuck

Going once…going twice…it’s the 3rd Annual Benefit Auction! Last week, as the official auctioneer, our CEO auctioned off items to a rapt crowd of Benefit employees armed with “benebucks” and pink bidding paddles.

the grand auctioneer

the grand auctioneer

It was quite the array of items up on the auction block, from new beauty products (obvi), to a feather duster with matching leopard dust pan, an antique tea set and even hat-shaped hat hooks. All of these gently-loved items were brought in by fellow Benefit employees and deemed ready for a new home.

Being slightly competitive, I had my eyes set on a new popcorn set, and was willing to spend all the “benebucks” in the world to get it! After a tense bidding showdown, I am now the proud owner of a popcorn set (however, I must admit I didn’t think through the logic of actually getting it home).

A few bidding wars, no tears, and a great pizza party for lunch, this auction was far better than Christie’s and everyone wins; all additional items that weren’t auctioned off were donated to Goodwill. Once I figure out how to get a popcorn set on the bus, I’m thinking that my weekend will consist of a movie…and some popcorn.

susan raises you one Benebuck.

susan raises you one "benebuck"