cover-up mid-week party time

As we all know sometimes the stars align, a few key decisions are made, and that quiet mid-week dinner with friends can unexpectedly, serendipitously, take you on a fantastic voyage to a fabulous fist-pumping dance party. Of course the AM effects of “school-night” revelry are usually enough to deter one from going all-out. Yes it’s the middle of the week; yes you have a conference call the next morning…but you know what? Every now and then you just want to party and it happens to be a Monday night. But did you know that for the morning after, Benefit concealers, like erase paste and boi-ing, are the tried and true fake-awake solutions that work every time? In fact, Benefit concealers have been around for good-time gals since the 1970’s–and you KNOW how much people liked to party back then–so party on!

(A-)typical week night