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all the makeupIMG_1305 I am attempting to pack for my next trip, and  it dawned on me… I am going to be out of town for 32 out of the next 42 days.  My next trip is to North Carolina for two days, and then I am gone for 27 days straight.  This would be fine except for the fact that I realized I only have one suitcase, and I have to pack for 80 degree weather and 30 degree weather… hmmmm what to do.  So, now I am thinking of ways that I can save on space.  I usually pack a large makeup bag, or two (you need a large assortment when you are doing press events, interviews, and desk sides).

This time I am cutting down, way down.  When I did this I realized that I have certain products that travel must havesIMG_1306I refuse to leave the house without..these are the products that made the cut. What are your must haves for travel?

Now I just have to figure out what clothes to pack… Wish me luck!!!