penelope and the p.p.p.

so much fun

so much fun

Maggie and I were in North Carolina last weekend working at an event at a Belk department store. We were meeting with customers and having a blast when a customer named Penelope asked if she could speak to me. “Of course!” I said. I pulled her aside, interested in what she wanted to tell me.

She started to go on and on about how much she LOVES Benefit. She said, “At first I thought Benefit was a little spicy and that it was made for younger girls, then I realized that Benefit was made for women of my vintage and now I am a little spicy as well! Ever since I started wearing Benefit my friends ask me if I had work done and I tell them… Nooooo, I have Benefit.” Now Penelope is our official Vintage Benefit Babe! Penelope, if you are reading this we are working on the P.P.P. ( a product idea that she has for Benefit). More to come!  I have to say it is meeting women like Penelope that make my job so much fun.

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