post-thanksgiving day shopping

"I think I need a bigger bag!"

"I think I need a bigger bag!"

The “Superbowl of shopping”  is coming–Black Friday. As us real shoppers out there can attest to, Thanksgiving weekend shopping is a competitive sport. Here to help you out with your game plan are the top 5 shopping techniques for you to learn and live, written and practiced by my mom, a true shopping-pro with the ability to find a sale on every x-mas item on my family’s wishlist throughout the years. To give you an idea of how serious of a shopper she is, when she walks into her favorite Banana Republic store, they greet her like a high-stakes gambler in a casino.

1. “Time is money you could be spending.” Move quickly and efficiently—don’t waste time checking out things you know you won’t buy. Focus. Your prized purchases are out there being bought up so get to them before everyone else does!

2.It’s ok to intercept another shopper’s browsing path.” This means, when you’re looking at a rack or a shelf of items where you know that the other shopper is looking for the same size, shade, color etc. make sure you’re not looking through what she’s already looked through–start at the other end and make your way in the opposite direction.

3. “If you’re on the fence about whether purchase, you should probably buy it.” It’s better to have bought than to regret not buying, so if its taking too long for you to decide on a purchase , go for it (and get yourself familiar with the store’s return policy).

4. “Hunting for a “one of a kind” item? Check out the clothing rack by the dressing room.” Items removed from dressing rooms may have been left there earlier during a sale and associates have not had time to put them away.

5. “Never show interest in another shopper’s item if you are coveting it.”  If the other person senses you’re interested in what is in his/her hands 90% of the time they definitly won’t put the item down or give it to you. Keep a safe, uninterested distance, but stay close in the event they do put it down so you can–swoop!

…So game on.

PS: The Benefit Brow Bar in your local Macy’s will be having Thanksgiving weekend specials on Friday and Saturday 11/27-28.