maid of makeup

I’m the Maid of Honor at my best friend’s wedding. I’ve been a bridesmaid before but never a MOH, and am so thrilled to share this special day with my BFF since 7th grade. There are so many fun events coming up…engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner…and finally, the big day! Besides being my pal’s right-hand gal through all of these, I’m also super excited to be her unofficial “maid of makeup” and share my tips and tools with her and the maids through all of these fun parties.

we probably won't be repeating this makeup look for the wedding

we probably won't be repeating this makeup look for the wedding

Here are our personal favorite makeup tips for special events, just in time for those holiday (or engagement!) parties…

– Apply eye liner, then eye shadow, then eye liner again on top to ensure that it absolutely, positively, won’t fade or budge.

– A dewy sheen is hot at parties. Keep it low-key (so you don’t look shiny in photos) by lightly patting a soft, subtly shimmering primer like that gal on TOP of your powder instead of underneath.

– If you’re rocking false lashes, bring lash glue with you in your clutch and invest in a BFF that is good at reattaching them…you need to be prepared for anything!

– Define those brows! Your dramatic eye makeup won’t pack a punch without gorgeous brows to frame them. Our longtime fave? Brow zings, which has a tinted wax and powder. I fill in my whole brows with the wax first, then go over them with the powder…she mixes the wax and powder on her hand and then applies this in one step. Either way, perfect brows!