next stop: love connection

How do you start a conversation with a stranger? Let me rephrase that. How do you start a conversation with a HANDSOME stranger? Since my initial encounter (see previous post) with a certain attractive fellow on my bus, we’ve been sharing our morning commutes most days of the week. And by sharing our morning commutes, I mean, we both ride the same packed-with-people bus. With everyone silently reading or fiddling with iPhones with intimidating earbuds in each ear, how does one break through the bus barrier?


dear cupid: please help

As an indirect result of the commuter cutie, I’ve started doing all my makeup at home before the ride. Yes, I was formerly that person who, instead of emails or newspapers, occupied my bus time by applying my entire face of makeup.

It’s actually pretty nice to relax on the ride instead of mangling my eyeliner while dropping loose powder on my skirt. How’s that for an awkward conversation starter? “Hi there, I no longer run the risk of poking my eyes out with mascara, thanks to your presence…have a great day!”