make new friends, but keep the old…

make new friends

but keep the old

one is a rose-tint

and the other’s gold!

Whenever we introduce a new product I am always excited, as though it’s Christmas morning for my makeup drawer, but occasionally there is this tiny part of me that has a sense of dread and the thought lingers in my head, “Wait! What if I like it better than my current favorite blush/lipstick/mascara, etc.?! What will prevail?” Yes, not exactly the Cold War of Makeup, but it makes a girl sweat for a second.

Luckily, I’ve learned a makeup truce to keep a lot of my current faves by using a little cosmetic-ology by mixing products for a totally new look. Everyone wins! This winter, my new favorite duo is putting on the famous benetint rose-tint cheek stain and blending it in with a little bit of one hot minute on my fingers. It’s rosy-gold perfection!

the meet & greet.

the meet & greet.

ready to mix and mingle

benetint and one hot minute: ready to mix and mingle

What are your favorite products to mix?