not your everyday holiday gift

‘Tis better to give than to receive…and sometimes, ’tis better to give totally random gag gifts than legit ones. Every year, my siblings and I have an unspoken agreement to pick out the most hilarious presents to give one another, the more the better. It’s a blast picking them out, and even more fun to watch the reaction. If you’re looking for ideas for last minute wacky gifts, or planning a white elephant group exchange, be sure to check out these tried-and-true hot spots:

just what you always wanted

just what you always wanted

– your local electronics megastore. Check out the discount DVD bin…there are some epic movies in there for under $5. Extra points for straight-to-video horror flicks featuring giant killer animals!

– the $1 store – every town has one – is a treasure trove. Who knew you needed an assortment of fake plastic veggies, or a creepy elf figurine?!

– create-your-own t-shirt stores…if you can plan ahead, there’s nothing like receiving a shirt with your face and a funny caption. Or a funny cat photo.

– any “AS SEEN ON TV” product. Enough said.

And if you’re STILL looking for that perfect present for the glamour gals on your list, check out our awesome holiday gift guide…you know we’ve got you covered.

this will look great on my dresser