seal your fate

I love the story of Cinderella almost as much as my revised version. For starters, behind the beautifully drawn, animated Cinderella that demurely toiled at endless demands from her wicked stepmother…was a pretty savvy cookie. She was no wilting violet…not by a long shot. That soot was there for a purpose. Cinderella is really “Cleverella.”

once upon a time...

once upon a shoe...

So how did savvy “Cleverella” snag the prince? By a mischievous, costly scheme. First, it’s a fact that a man will oogle a gal’s delicate foot. Particularly, a provocative ped that’s adorned with a divine slipper of “aphro-podiastic” proportion.

So our fair Cinderella (Cleverella), with her meager wages, spun her own happy ending by plunking down her inheritance for a pair of Jimmy Choos…making sure the fit was flawless. For, as the Prince slid the pricey gold, diamond-encrusted, satin-ribboned slipper upon Cinderella’s foot…his fate was sealed…along with his fortune, credit card limit, walk-in closets, and a beautiful castle…it’s all good!

The moral of this tale: Chooz your prince or your Choos wisely. For if the Choos fit…don’t forget to buy the other one!!!

I’ll think I’ll go shop now…

– jean ford, co-founder