guilty pleasures and the like

I phased out my addiction to reality TV back in 2005; however, a new show has crept back into my “guilty pleasures” DVR. These days, I can’t resist following the hair, tans, muscles, tans, and pasta-filled episodes of Jersey Shore …did I mention they were all extremely tan? One self-proclaimed guido, Pauly D, actually has a tanning bed in his house! Ahh-mazing!

Besides hailing from the west coast, I am unabashedly pale with freckles, so have little in common with the “stars” of Jersey Shore. I vie for a golden glow, but have accepted my fate as the girl armed with SPF 70 all year long. Lucky me, starting this year, select Benefit boutiques have added spray tan to their list of services. Thank the golden gods!

For a few weddings and special events over the past months, I have made appointments at my Fillmore Benefit Boutique to faux that glow. After a quick 30-minute spray down, I walk out as though I’m a natural tan! I absolutely love it.

Exhibit A:  I am a good two shades paler than my older sister, but here we are after my most recent tanning for a friend’s wedding when I was a bridesmaid.

my tanner (better?) self with my sister and brother

my tanner (better?) self with my sister and brother

Plus, the tan lasts for a few days, so is a gift that keeps on giving! Check with your local boutique to see if they have tanning services. Have you tried spray tanning?