new year’s resolution

When I travel for work or for pleasure, I always seem to pack too much… way too much. It always seems like a good idea and I tell myself that it is better to be safe than sorry. This year I am turning over a new leaf: now it is better to pack light then heavy!  I am starting with my makeup bag. I always pack multiple options; for example, I will pack a daytime makeup look and an evening look, but when it comes down to it I am usually so busy that I just wear the same look every day. I know that this is boring but it’s the truth. So, I have decided that when I travel from now on I am going to bring:

1 creaseless cream shadow (birthday suit)

1 velvet shadow (where there’s smoke)

1 concealer (boi-ing #2)

1 foundation (play sticks)

1 mascara (BADgal lash)

1 eye liner (BADgal waterproof)

1 ok no 2 box of powders (CORALista and Dallas)

1 lip stain (benetint)

1 lip gloss (zone out)

Now I know that this seems like a lot of products, but when you think about it you can do so many different looks from just these ten products. I am determined to stick to this list of products for traveling for 2010. Now I need to tackle my wardrobe. Wish me luck!