she’s workin’ 9 to 5

For all of the hours I spend at work (okay, so reading beauty blogs DOES count as work here), I am always determined to make my desk a prettified place. Luckily, with pink walls & so much Benefit around these parts, it’s not too much of a dilemma for decor. Welcome to the glamorous worklife of geekalicious…

I reused the powderflage container for a pencil holder, the posietint box for binder clips, and turned a few business cards into a sweet business card holder (instructions here).

who needs office depot? just reuse benefit packages!

who needs office depot? just reuse benefit packages!

Our box o’ powders make perfect bookends…and obviously serve double duty for post-work touchups.

tower of box o' power

tower o' powder

Yes, it’s a beautiful place to work. More pictures of our SF office coming soon!

the view

the view

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  1. Por fin probe mi Benetint la experencia fue espectacularr.

  2. anjali_handa says:

    What a fabulous, creative idea! I love the benefit packaging and never thought of reusing it…that will be my next home office project :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. manikpixi says:

    What a brilliant idea to reuse cosmetic packaging like that – I’m going to use that! In fact I’m now thinking about all the gorgeous cosmetic packaging that I’ve thrown out over the years that I could have made pretty things out of!

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