makeup + winter sports

In preparation for my upcoming ski trip, I’m faced with the beauty dilemma of what makeup to pack–if any at all. I want to look cute, but if the weather picks up or if I end up taking a couple of tumbles I don’t want to look like an abominable snow-mess. So I asked my fellow office snow bunnies “Should I wear makeup? And if so, what works best?” Here’s what they had to say…

Icy Hot!

Kirstyn, Benefit International/skiier/on the slopes AKA: The Black Diamond – “Yes, I always wear a little makeup, you rebel tinted moisturizerwith SPF, posietint lip & cheek stain , and BADgal waterproof mascara. At the start of ski season I usually go to the Benefit Brow Bar to get my lashes tinted. I get up early so I can hit that first run of fresh ‘pow pow’ [snow powder]–so I use boi-ing concealer too.”

Swiss miss

Annie, Benefit Marketing/snowboarder/on the slopes AKA: Hot Toddy – “MAKEUP ALWAYS! I rock a  smoky eye or sometimes colored eyeshadow to compliment my outfit–then I she laq it, that seals the deal. Goggles protect your eye makeup from the elements so that’s added protection after a long day of  shredding gnar [snowboarding on powder].”

snow patrol

Quinn, Benefit Digital/skiier, snowboarder, ski lodge aficionado/on the slopes AKA: Snow Leopard – “Makeup?! Of course. I go lite overall, but I really lay on the benetint lip balm with SPF to protect lips from the cold, dry air. The rosy tint masks the purple tinge your lips get when bombing down an extreme north facing run or the ski lift ride gets really frigid…most importantly it makes your smile look brighter for the lift operators!”