2010…eggs and eyeliner

On New Years Day I did two things…nursed my wounds and flipped all day between two TV show marathons, one on E! and one on USA. It was great. The one thing I didn’t do was to make a resolution. Well it’s high time I do it.

2010 resolutions

1. learn to make the perfect hard boiled egg

2. exfoliate 2-3 times per week without fail

3. work out the same amount of times per week that I exfoliate (at least)

4. become an eye liner grand master.

babecake anyone?

babecake anyone?

So I’ve stocked my arsenal with all the necessary tools for a successful 2010. Eggs, running shoes, washcloths and of course all different kinds of liners and shadows.  I’ve got my badgal duo; badgal waterproof pencil for the lower lash line and badgal kohl pencil for a sexy smudgy upper lash line.  I’ve got my skinny jeans creaseless cream shadow and hard angle brush for a more taupe-ish grey, yet soft line and of course my babecake and get bent liner brush for the ultimate cat eye liquid liner look.

Anyone else have a recipe for a killer Benefit liner combo?  I’m going to need some help to become a black belt in black liner!

badgal like woah

badgal-like smoke appeal