me and my mannequin

For my first day of work at Benefit, (which now dates back more than 2 years ago), I received in a box my very own office a la carte. I had everything I needed to function as a full-running remote office. Amongst the usual suspects; laptop, fax machine and blackberry, I spotted something or rather someone very unusual. Among the sponge chips and protector foam boards, was my very own Benefit mannequin head, aka Gabbi, as she is known here at Benefit.

Being based in NYC and quite a distance from the Benefit headquarters in San Francisco, it was up to me to create my Benefit environment and culture within my very own four walls. Since my fiance rejected the idea of painting my walls with the signature Benefit watermelon pink paint shade that I simply adore, I decided to start my own colorful tradition.

Each week, I dress-up my mannequin head to give her life and fun different personalities so that she’s fresh, new and totally fabulous; from girlie-gal-goodie one week, to gossip-gal-newsy the other, and let’s not forget diva-extraordinaire. I mix it up each week for fun, inspiration and most of all, to smile. Thanks Benefit!

What should I dress her up in next? Would love some fun suggestions from everyone!