beauty and the boy

OK, gals…yet another study has been released that states the majority of males don’t like when women wear too much makeup. The question is, what really constitutes “too much?” After all, we ladies know how many (literally, dozens) of products you can apply to look fresh-faced and glowing. Hello, that gal! Many are so subtle, it can look like you’re hardly wearing makeup at all. Which got me thinking…can guys tell how many products we’re actually using? What kind of makeup do they REALLY prefer? Glam to the max or bare-faced beauty? Sultry or spring-y scents?

"I just can't decide...lipstick or lip gloss?!"

In an attempt to get some real-life scoop on the issue, I’m grabbing my fellow BeneBabes and hitting the streets of SF to find real, live, unbiased males to answer our burning questions. And what better place than the local happy hour circuit?! We’re going to hit the hottest after-work spots in downtown San Francisco, armed with our favorite beauty weapons to ask unsuspecting males their true feelings about all our pots, paints and perfumes.

Got a beauty question for the boys? Any interesting insights on the issue? Let us know! Stay tuned for our highly-scientific results straight from the SF nightlife scene, coming soon…

thumbs up if you love makeup!

Of course, at the end of the day we wear makeup for ourselves. It’s fun, it’s pretty and it makes us happy. Who cares what guys think?! (But hey, I’m still a little curious…after all, there is Handsome Stranger, somewhere out there…)