stay don’t stray baby

Happy 2010 everyone! I know that I already wrote about my new year’s resolutions, and how I was going to stick to a certain number of products when traveling in 2010…well, I’m adding one FINAL product to the list. I wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t totally necessary.  This product is our new stay don’t stray!  I fought myself on going back on a resolution but when I tried this product and realized how revolutionary it is, I just had to add it to the list.

my new favorite thing

As embarrassed as I am to admit this, I think you should all know what this product has done for me. I always have a hard time keeping my concealer on! It either gets dry, or moves around my face, and by the end of the day, I look old and tired (no good).  I decided to give our stay don’t stray a try when I heard about all of the good ingredients in it.

I applied it all over my eye area, up to my brow bone and down around my under eyes. I then applied my usual creaseless cream shadow, eye liner, and boi-ing.  Immediately, I saw a difference. My under eyes looked moisturized and bright, and my eye shadow looked really vibrant. I thought to myself…ok, so far so good. I decided to really put this product to the test, so I didn’t look in the mirror ALL DAY!

I worked an event for seven hours, rushed to the airport, sat on a two hour flight, got in my car and drove home for an hour.  I was so anxious to look and see what a mess I was going to be. Now, this is the important part… are you listening????  I looked in the mirror and literally, my makeup was PERFECTION.  There were no lines under my eyes, my cream shadow looked like it had just been applied, and I must admit, I looked GREAT. I was SOLD. I permanently added stay don’t stray to my resolution list and I don’t care what anyone says, stay don’t stray is worth changing a resolution for!

Has anyone else “strayed” from their new year’s resolution?