beauty and the boy: results!

Earlier this month, the Benefit gals were discussing the mysterious makeup preferences of males…what are their real beauty likes and dislikes? Sure, we’ll continue to rock our favorite looks regardless, but it’s always fun to find out what that other species is thinking.

True to our word, we set out on the San Francisco nighttime scene, armed with makeup, a notebook and a camera…we’re talking serious investigative journalism, ladies. Our first stop: a local happy hour spot filled with handsome fellows in suits enjoying a relaxing apres-work beer.

red or nude lipstick?

First up, lipstick trends. Do guys prefer a subtle nude lip, or a dramatic red lip? Me and Geekalicious put our full-finish lipstick in lady’s choice and flirt alert to the test. The results were evenly split down the middle…some boys went straight for the bare look, while others immediately pointed to the glam red lipstick. Interestingly, the guys were more than happy to wax poetic about their feelings on makeup in general.

One guy offered, “you never want makeup to make a girl look like a different person,” while another agreed, “she should look like a better version of herself.” One particularly chatty male (likely a few beers ahead of the rest) even said, “if you take a girl swimming, you can see what she looks like without makeup…that’s the true test.” Um…thanks for sharing?

benetint or posietint on cheeks?

Next, we tested our tints…do guys prefer a natural rosy cheek, or a pretty pink glow? Resident BADgal demonstrated one on each cheek, and asked boys at the next bar to weigh in. The verdict? Once again, some liked benetint’s subtly sexy flush, while others adored the innocently pink posietint.

Stay tuned for more Operation: Beauty and the Boy scoop coming your way soon…next up, smoky eyes, fragrances and bronzers!