january: the month of the cleanse

Is it just me, or is everyone doing some version of “the cleanse” this January? From the green juice varieties to the hardcore lemon juice fasts, these detox diets seem to be everywhere. Many of these devotees give up after a few days (hello, not eating?), but some rave about the benefits of eliminating almost everything.


I decided to hop on the super hip cleanse bandwagon as well…have you ever heard of the 3-Day Makeup Cleanse? It’s not as popular as those liquid ones, but if you do it for 3 days, you’re 100% guaranteed to have a newfound love for your favorite beauty products. The prescription: only ONE makeup product allowed per day. And you can’t reapply. Here’s my very personal and challenging experience with the Makeup Cleanse:

Day 1 – since my lashes are naturally blonde, my product of the day was BADgal lash. Now I’m already regretting not having my lashes tinted at the Benefit Boutique before starting my cleanse. My dark undereye circles are completely visible to the world – help.

Day 2 – surviving yesterday without concealer was sooo hard. Today I am rocking erase paste and feeling a little better, but still wish I could put on some more eye makeup. I also wish I could wear a hat at work.

Day 3 – this cold weather has rewarded me with chapped lips, so benetint lip balm is my product for the day. Now I have a rosy pout, but a pale face. I dabbed a bit of the lip balm on my cheeks for some color, but man, what I wouldn’t do for some bronzer! Is the cleanse over yet?!

absence makes the heart grow fonder

Whew! That sure was tough. But I gotta admit, I do feel reinvigorated in my beauty routine! If you had to do the Makeup Cleanse, what ONE product would you pick to wear for a full day?