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I don’t know about you, but my purse is like a black hole: the point of no return for lip glosses, spare change, sigg bottles, headphones, receipts, notepads, and more makeup. Finding anything in a reasonable time frame is purely wishful thinking, especially my phone. However, today I discovered the ultimate solution when I thought Kate was talking on a disco ball (see below).

my bling is ringing (literally)

my bling is ringing (literally)

It’s better than a disco ball: It’s her new phone case! After continuing to confuse her phone with her husband’s, Kate went straight to the source of awesomeness that is eBay and found a sparkly pink phone case! I mean, life’s too short to be boring, right?

call me

how Benefit makes the calls

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  1. Saima Anwar says:

    You have got to see my website:

    This post totally caught my attention, because I make these :) xx

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