HSN behind the scenes

Maggie and I just finished another amazing round of shows on HSN.  I first want to thank all of you who watched! We had such an amazing time and want to share some photos of what goes on right before the show starts.  First of all, keep in mind that at this point we are incredibly sleep deprived: We went to bed around 11:30 pm and woke up at 3:00 am for a show at 6:00 am.  We have to get there early to prep all of the models and to do our hair and makeup.  Here’s a little peek at what happens right before we go on.

Here we are getting our ear pieces set and doing the sound check.  f

Once we get ready with the camera man we had to touch up our BEAUTIFUL models

Lastly we had to do our good luck kick with Chelsea!  This is now our ritual.

It all went by so fast! Maggie and I are now in beautiful New York City preparing for our next HSN show.  Thank you again for those of you who watched!!