still got a case of the mondays?

I know that feeling, it’s mid-week and things are still dragging. But did you know, the way you feel directly relates to your physical appearance? Stress causes a number of skin issues like acne, dryness and even wrinkles over time. “Blah” mood=”blah” face…it really works both ways.

Benefit IT having a case of the Mondays (and yes, guys DO work here!)

…SO to be pretty, you’ve gotta stay perky. Personally, this takes a little effort during the winter months when the weather is rainy and gross. Therefore, starting this year, I’ve made a pact with myself to fend off the all around look and feeling of “blah,” despite my desire to  just stay home, eat cookies and hibernate.  Here are a few little things I do that make an immediate difference in my days.

1. Putting on a little makeup…even when you think you don’t feel like it. Makeup ALWAYS increases your face value. Even if it’s just concealer and mascara, you’ll feel instantly put together.

2. Keep brows groomed. Brows hold the power to change the way you look–without plastic surgery. I go to the Brow Bar or Benefit Boutique. Clean brows brighten everything up.

3. Make a concious effort to move around as much as possible. Anyone can tell you to go to the gym, but I’m talking about the what you can do INSTANTLY (plus, I don’t belong to a gym). When at my desk thinking, every now and then I’ll kick my legs like I’m swimming or move my arms around to get blood  flowing. Or when I’m waiting around for the bus and I don’t see one coming, I walk up to the next stop.

4. Hang out with hilarious people. Laughing takes any edge off.

Blah to beautiful--instantly!

…how do you instantly fend off the feeling of “blah”?