SFO > JFK > freezing.

If you have ever visited San Francisco, you know there is one major thing we are lacking…and it is called “seasons.” We are in a constant state of fall around these parts; temperatures vary from a frigid 50 to a balmy 65 degrees. So when I boarded a flight last week to New York, I was petrified. My suitcase looked like I was prepared for snow camping in Vancouver for the upcoming Olympics.

frozen over in bryant park

I met up with our NY-based gal, media darling, in the single digits. It was as if the weather man enjoyed reminding us that with the wind chill it felt like zero degrees.

media darling in nyc

media darling hailing a cab

The second I stepped outside, my cheeks got an instant flush, almost forgoing benetint! I gallivanted around the City: a dance performance on the East Side, shopping in SoHo, and a great rock n’ roll exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. Despite the temps, I do heart New York. The excitement, sights, and adventures just take your breath away winter, spring, summer, and fall.

At times, this California kid had to seek warmth indoors…like in Sephora 5th Avenue.

sephora 5th avenue in nyc

Crescent Row in Sephora

Perhaps it was fate, but at the hotel, the door hanger (is there an official name?) was perfect. Don’t worry, I resisted taking it home as a souvenir.

I need this.