5 things that make you happy

The sun is finally out after what feels like an eternity of gray skies and frigid weather. A little sunshine is definitely an instant perk-me-up. Resident BADgal’s “case of the mondays” post got me thinking about the small things in life that put a smile on your face, especially when the weather (or anything else) has got you in a “blah” mood. For me, reapplying one of the 8 lip glosses in my purse or checking out hilarious cat photos online are a couple of the silly pleasures in life that get me grinning.

So, take a minute, and think about it…what are 5 things that make YOU happy?

Here’s my personal Top 5 list below:

1. lip gloss!

2. funny cat pictures…OK, and videos (hello, surprised kitty and keyboard cat!)

3. gummy candy

4. anything Britney

5. book stores

hello, gorgeous!

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  1. we heart this says:

    Ooo, I love love lists!
    Here’s what makes me happy:
    1. makeup
    2. Mad Men
    3. My Hubby
    4. My dogs
    5. sushi

  2. TheTemp says:

    1. Benefit Cosmetics
    2. Scrunchy-faced puggies!
    3. Yoga
    4. Sleepless in Seattle
    5. 3 way tie: Sushi/Mexican/Lemon Bars

  3. BeautyInsider says:

    1:Curling up in my bed watching Gossip Girl DVD’s on a cold winter day 2:Liquid Liner 3:My kitty 4:Lip Gloss 5:My vanity and all it’s contents!

  4. BUZZarella says:

    oooh, misskathymae…good call with the bowl o captain crunch! I’d definitely add that one as my xtra credit happy. :)

  5. misskathymae says:

    xtracredit happy : My granny Paula Sizemore and her FAB purse that always has a Root Beer candy or two in it for all good kids!;0)

  6. misskathymae says:

    1:A bowl o captain crunch p.b. 2:fuzzy socks3:Thunderstorms 4:Winning 5:Being ME

  7. resident BADgal resident BADgal says:


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