let’s play a love game

Do you smell love in the air? Take this quiz to determine your Crescent Row inspired love-style and what it says about you. Guys and gals can both take this, so pass it on to friends and love interests, then share your results…you may even get a love connection out of it.


What best describes your outfit on a first date? a) charming and classic  b) cool and chic  c) sexy and show-stopping

After the 2nd date with someone you’re interested in, which question do you secretly start asking yourself?  a) “What will our kids look like?”  b) “I wonder if he/she would be into hiking Machu Picchu?”  c) “Is this closing me off to dating his/her friends?”

Pick a bouquet you would give or want to receive… a) elegant white lilies   b) mix of exotic plants & flowers   c) long stem red roses

What would you most likely frame and give to a mate on Valentine’s Day?  a) cute pic of the two of you  b) original collage of photos and souvenirs  c) an autographed pic of you in a swimsuit

Valentine’s Day is… a) romantic and wonderful when you’re with the perfect person  b) too much hype, we have 364 other wonderful days to show love  c) a chance for admirers to compete for your affection

Your current relationship status aside, which Facebook relationship status are you most likely to list? a)”In a relationship” b)”It’s complicated” c)”Random play”/”Whatever I can get”

What is the biggest turn-on? a) a fantastic cook who looks hot in an apron  b) a music and art lover who loves to talk philosophy  c) a gal/guy-about-town who knows how to get VIP treatment


mostly a’s – Generous and light hearted, you thrive in relationships that are steady and balanced. You believe in the idea that there is true-love out there for everyone. Find someone who shares many of the same ideals, appreciates your home-made confections, and you’ve got yourself a keeper. Crescent Row scent match: the light blend of citrus, jasmine & lily blossoms in laugh with me LeeLee will make hearts flutter.


mostly b’s – A little bit mysterious, and very independent, your ideal match is someone who brings interesting perspective with a penchant for adventure. You believe that love can be felt in many different ways, and you’ve put some thought into love’s complexity over many chai lattes. Crescent Row scent match: the dreamy blend of oriental blossoms, mango & vanilla of something about Sofia will be a hit with the cute cashier at the used book store.

mostly c’s – Irresistible and downright sexyyou know how to play the game and get what you want. Finding someone as savvy as you is not always easy, but you’re always up for a challenge. After all, the chase is sometimes more fun than the catch. Admired by many, you’ll be a great match for someone who loves to keep you in the spotlight. Crescent Row scent match: the alluring affair of pink pepper, wild raspberry & patchouli in my place or your Gina will only add to your powers of seduction.