TGIF baby!

At around 2pm on Friday, a restless excitement begins to take over…that buzz of anticipation building up to what we’ve been waiting for since…well, Sunday.

Here at Benefit HQ, you can frequently catch gals touching up makeup atĀ their desks (yes, we have mirrors on our desks!) before heading out to our adventures for the evening. As a self-described masterĀ of desktop primping, I’ve become an expert at makeup that goes from daytime to party time.

My favorite trick of the trade? One hot minute, a loose rose-gold powder that makes you look instantly fresh-faced and glowy. It’s also goof-proof…after a light dusting all over your face, you’ll look like a healthier version of yourself. Definitely a must-have after a long workday…or any day, for that matter.

benefit after dark

When it’s REALLY party time, Benefit gals reach for hoola. If the lights are low, you can never be too bronze. At a recent party themed around a certain tan-tastic reality show, Resident BADgal, Geekalicious and I intentionally overdosed on the hoola. Good times!

Last but not least, no nighttime look is complete without BADgal lash. The last thing you want to do after a long day is pile on more makeup, but this mascara somehow magically avoids looking gunky even when applied in multiple layers. Add a little glow and a little lash, and you’re good to go for after-work festivities!

What’s your favorite shortcut for making your makeup go from AM to PM? Have a fab weekend gals!