flirting 101

Spring = new beginnings. And for some of us, these new beginnings signify the end of previous romantic relationships and the start of the exciting world of being single. And being single means, well, needing the necessary flirting skills to navigate the often-tricky dating scene. I decided to ask the most flirtatious BeneBabes for a little refresher course in Flirting 101…

this move should probably be your last resort

Benefit co-founders Jean & Jane Ford are experts in the fine art of flirting…they even named our saucy red lipstick flirt alert! Their mantra has always been, “laughter is the best cosmetic…so grin and wear it!” This definitely proves true on the dating scene. A gal who is having fun and laughing is irresistible, and a smile goes a long way when dealing with the opposite sex. Beyond a sweet smile, here are some other top tips from the gals here at the office:

  • It’s all about the eyes. Ashlye in Marketing swears by a killer combo of smoky eyes and strong eye contact. But not too smoky, or you’ll scare off the boys. For a dramatic eye that’s subtly flirty but not too overpowering, Danielle in Art pairs creaseless cream shadow/liner in a busy signal, a deep shimmery brown, with velvet eyeshadow in leggy, a pale nude topped with tons of mascara.
  • Ask questions! Copywriter Sarah tells it like it is: “guys love to talk about themselves.” So, find out what he does for fun. Safe topics involve weekend activities, movies & TV shows, career/college background, and of course, sports. But, cautions Alyssa, “only go the sports route if you know what you’re talking about!”
  • Be bold. Not for the faint of heart, Alyssa’s favorite flirty move is to “buy him a drink!” And Juliette met her now-fiancĂ© Max at a bar when she approached him and – wait for it – pretended she recognized him and called him by the wrong name. Oldest trick in the book!
  • BUZZarella bonus tip: I’ve been told by multiple people that I involuntarily “pout” my lips more than normal when deep in conversation with a cute boy. Silly as it may sound, it hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Hey, anything that places more attention on your pout can’t be a bad thing!


What are your favorite flirting tips and seductive makeup looks?