office space a la benefit

Telling someone I work at Benefit goes one of two ways:

1) Typical guy’s response: “Ahhh, okay. That’s makeup, right? Yeah. I think my sister/mom/girlfriend/co-worker/cousin uses that. Um, do you like sports?”

2) Typical girl’s response: “Ahhh, oh my gosh! I love Benefit! That must be so cool to work there! I love the [insert favorite product here.]”

It’s not too hard to believe that this job definitely has some fun perks. The decor of the San Francisco office alone makes you smile! In lieu of a drab n’ dreary office space, Benefit headquarters looks just like our boutiques and counters (but with desks)! Take a peek inside where I call work…

words of wisdom when you exit the elevator

take a seat in our lovely lobby

past catalog covers adorn our hallways

at natalie's desk

here I am prettifying the place

So, not your typical office space! But it makes Benefit, Benefit!