flashback friday: brows then and now

Resident BADgal recently asked, what did your brows used to look like? She definitely had the cute caterpillar brow look going on. Well, I had a slightly different brow problem, as in…I didn’t really have brows. Yep, as a fair-skinned blondie, I had a nice pair of super-light brows that barely showed up. (And sheer eyelashes, to boot.)

the browless wonder

As a fledgling beauty addict, during those elementary years, I glommed on as much sheer lip balm I could get my hands on (“Mom, it doesn’t count as makeup!”). Then I started junior high, at which point I purchased matte magenta lipstick and dark brown eyeshadow from the drugstore…after all, it was the 90s. I quickly learned that a good mascara fixed my non-existent lashes, and pinky-nude lip gloss quickly became my go-to fave product (especially when it wasn’t accented by a shiny set of braces). However, it wasn’t until my college years that I actually began filling in my brows.

life with brows

My first time wasn’t easy…it felt like there were big, black lines crayon-ed (is that a word?) across my forehead. After some practice though, I quickly realized that a defined set of brows really frames your face. Now, I feel naked without filling them in! The easy-to-use wax + powder combo in brow zings quickly became my new brow BFF.