flashback friday: brows then and now

Resident BADgal recently asked, what did your brows used to look like? She definitely had the cute caterpillar brow look going on. Well, I had a slightly different brow problem, as in…I didn’t really have brows. Yep, as a fair-skinned blondie, I had a nice pair of super-light brows that barely showed up. (And sheer eyelashes, to boot.)

the browless wonder

As a fledgling beauty addict, during those elementary years, I glommed on as much sheer lip balm I could get my hands on (“Mom, it doesn’t count as makeup!”). Then I started junior high, at which point I purchased matte magenta lipstick and dark brown eyeshadow from the drugstore…after all, it was the 90s. I quickly learned that a good mascara fixed my non-existent lashes, and pinky-nude lip gloss quickly became my go-to fave product (especially when it wasn’t accented by a shiny set of braces). However, it wasn’t until my college years that I actually began filling in my brows.

life with brows

My first time wasn’t easy…it felt like there were big, black lines crayon-ed (is that a word?) across my forehead. After some practice though, I quickly realized that a defined set of brows really frames your face. Now, I feel naked without filling them in! The easy-to-use wax + powder combo in brow zings quickly became my new brow BFF.

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  1. BUZZarella says:

    hi wintry! yay, so glad you like the look. :) here are the products I’m wearing:

    silky-finish lipstick in jing-a-ling (a sheer sparkly pink…goes on like a lipstick but looks like a gloss!)

    sugarbomb blush

    that gal brightening primer (gives a nice natural all-over glow)

    velvet eyeshadows in bikini line and fawn over me

    BADgal lash mascara

    high brow pencil/brow zings on brows

    • wintrysummer says:

      i just recently got hooked on benefit & this blog. i love how the blog helps me get to know more about all the benefit products out there.
      have you ever thought about posting video tutorials/ makeup tips using benefit products?
      i’d be interested in seeing them :)

      • BUZZarella says:

        Yes, definitely! We have a fun video on our site right now with a peek at our new eye primer, Stay Don’t Stray. Stay tuned for more fun videos coming your way in the near future…and please feel free to share any suggestions for step-by-step tips you’d like to see! :)

  2. wintrysummer says:

    better yet, if you can list everything you have on in this look ;)
    love love

  3. wintrysummer says:

    which benefit product/ lipstick/ gloss you have on your lips in this pic? love & wanna go out & get it!

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