winter wonder(?) land…SOS!

I woke up Friday morning and this is what I saw when I went out to get my morning coffee…

might look pretty, but it doesn't do good things for my skin!

In case you didn’t know, this winter has been the snowiest in recent NYC history.  I’ve been here six years and never has it been this bad.  It’s beautiful and lovely and I want to make snow angels constantly; however, it’s murder on my skin.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to the winter and the cold but for some reason my skin is hating on me right now.  It’s flaking and itching and just basically looking really, really dry.

I’ve temporarily put down my “hello flawless!” in exchange for some kind-a gorgeous; I’ve switched to posietint instead of CORALista; and I’ve even swapped my velvet eye shadows for creaseless creams….all just so I can keep as much moisture in my face as possible.

I’m sending out an SOS to any cold weather Benebabes out there. What are your secrets for surviving winter?!

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  1. bonita says:

    Use Dear John as a mask at night, lather it on thick and let your skin absorb it as you sleep. You’ll wake up with beautiful soft skin. When my skin is dry I use alot of That Gal face primer and High Beam EVERYDAY because the healthy glow takes away the dry appearance of winter burned skin

  2. BeautyInsider says:

    I have very dry and flaky skin too! I use an exfoliatior every other day, it helps take care of the flakes aspap. I also apply lotion as soon as I get out of the shower. I read this in Seventeen, use a think emollient cream (such as Orgin’s All Purpose High Elevation Cream Dry Skin Releif) to treat patches of flakes on your skin.

  3. gleep says:

    Ditched setting my liquid foundation with a powder, and started using nappy rash cream I had lying around from a recent tattoo instead of moisturiser because my skin doesn’t drink it up as quickly… those aren’t really solutions though, I am gonna have to keep checking back here for helpful comments!

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