some gals have all the luck…

I am not a lucky person by nature.  I have never actually won any contest, Super Bowl pool, bouquet toss, or slot machine in my entire life.

Some people however, have all the luck.  Yesterday, I did the makeup of one such lady.

She won a contest on PopSugar (a fab pop culture blog/website) where she got to fly to NYC with a friend, stay in a nice hotel and…wait for it…interview Robert Pattinson on the red carpet of his new movie premier.

Um…Wow.  No, I don’t read the books but I heart him in the movies. Duh, who wouldn’t?!  With his tousled hair and brooding face… Anyway, I’m getting offtrack here

She came to the brow bar counter at Bloomingdale’s SoHo with a camera crew in tow yesterday around 1:30pm and by 3pm, she was ready to go.  She started with a bit of brow taming and fake lash application at the brow bar and then moved on to me for her makeup. I wanted to keep her look sophisticated and feminine, but still glam. The red carpet isn’t the place to try a new, crazy look. It’s all about keeping it simple, but elegant.

We decided on a smoky gray eye with a hint of vivid purple for freshness.  Plus, as a fellow brunette, I had to convince her that purple is our best friend.  When used in moderation it is stunning.    I started with my new obsession, stay don’t stray, and then layered velvet shadows in where there’s smoke and fancy pansy with tons of blending to keep the lines blurred.  That’s the key to a smoky eye:  blend, blend, blend!

Two coats of waterproof mascara (let’s be honest, emotions may get the best of her), some posietint on her cheeks, and lady’s choice lipstick finished it off. Red carpet glam that wasn’t too over the top.

She looked H-O-T and definitely ready to work the red carpet!

Stay tuned her for her interview on PopSugar. Do you have any glam looks you love?